The Song of the Nail

Busy, busy, busy

We find ourselves this month.

We buy, we eat, we surround ourselves with much.

We cook, we bake, we clean our homes.

All for others or so were told.

The malls don’t have what we need. They never will.

Peace in a box you can’t find on the shelves.

In my coming and in my going

I find my mind is full.

My heart searches desperately for the melody I long to hear.

Pandora and ITunes don’t know this song.

It is only when I am quiet can I hear the sound

That takes me wider, deeper, higher and long.

As iron hits iron, my heart swells with joy

For the song of the nail reaches my mind.

I can hear my name as I recall this truth

That all of heaven sings because of this proof.

Truth that wins, truth that loves.

Truth that died and rose again,

Not just for some but for everyone.

This Christmas as you look in the hay, set a nail beside the babe.

After all, that’s why he came.

The Song of the Nail