Suspended and Held

As I wake my soul begs the all too familiar question- How is this all going to work out?

It is in that moment that I can feel my breath as if it were for the first time.
And then it happens; it happens every time.

You come to me. YOU COME TO me- small, troubled wandering, wondering me.

It’s your eyes that get me. Glistening and overflowing with compassion my heart stops and starts again all one beat.

How can You look at me with that kind of wonderful? After all my complaining, doubting, seeking affirmation from others, after all all my

hypocrisy, and all my me- ness- still …You love me.

One moment with You and I know I am loved. I am accepted. I am enough. I am Yours.

This sacred holy place reveals the brilliant truth that I am suspended by Your grace and held by Your mercy.

And when I lose my footing down here, I find you have never left me. Your love, Your grip of grace gently guides me to the place of sweet surrender, where I release my agenda, where I can find neither my goodness nor badness, but find only my worth as your beloved child.

It is Your love that causes my tongue to speak your name. And it is Your name that secures all my days. Jesus is God and Jesus is Lord.

Ahh…suspended and held. My feet and my heart find their place. And suddenly my ears are opened wide enough to hear all of Your creation praise You.
I am still. I am at peace. I know You are God.

Suspended and Held

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