Snow Capped Pumpkins

As I make way to the students my eyes tell me the seasons are changing. Snow capped
pumpkins beg my attention and curl the sides of my mouth upward. You see, these students aren’t just any students. No; they are extraordinary in every way.

They are bright and articulate.

They are strong and brave. They are beautiful inside and out.

They are honest and willing.

They are searching for answers.

They are deep and rich. They bloom at their own pace.

They are the red rose in winter.

Each fresh face bears a name and that name has been purposed and destined for this time on
earth. And for a little while, I have the privilege of carrying heaven’s plans in my heart.
For I have not wasted my time driving from school to school. I have been given a precious and
priceless gift that keeps on giving. Each miracle that walks in the room fills me with hope and
joy! And for a brief moment I am reminded all over again, I have a small part in growing them
into who they were meant to be. And like the snow capped pumpkins, each student has seeds inside too. These seeds maybe cold and may even have a touch of frost. But when these pumpkins are taken into a warm place, the snow melts, the inside becomes warm again and the seeds are found still alive. This I give my heart too. This I can commit too because LOVE has won over all.

Snow Capped Pumpkins