Ode To My Sons


You love God with all your heart, your mind, soul and strength

You can learn to laugh at yourself instead of others

You live everyday knowing you have a purpose and reason here on this earth

You realize life isn’t just about you

You understand your choices determine your future

You honor every person you come in contact with

You leave people and things better than they were

You celebrate others victories more than your own

You laugh more and cry easy

You decide to put others first

You choose to smile more and frown less

You always compliment the chef

You embrace change and not run from it

You can be counted on to keep your word and tell the truth

You view the glass half full not half empty

You say “Thank you and you’re welcome” sincerely

You say what you mean and mean what you say

You pray about EVERYTHING and do what God tells you to do

You learn how to submit well

You respond more than you react

You grow in patience

You sing more and complain less

You find true joy in serving others

You become a role model to someone

You always have a place in your heart for the underdog

You develop a heart of gratitude

You open doors for the young, old and those in between

You value and treat the women in your life as a gift from above

You define success the way God does

You become a good steward of your words

You include more than exclude

You learn one ballroom dance

You own your own behavior

You are the first one who says “I’m sorry”

You choose to forgive

You know you always have options

You never pass up an opportunity to buy candy or lemonade from a child

You understand the meaning of commitment, determination and excellence

You practice kindness daily

You live for God’s approval more than man’s

You learn the most important and satisfying things can never be bought

You don’t accept the status quo

You never, ever, ever give up

You show love by sharing your time and treasure

You will become a gentleman. If you take these truths wherever you go, you will find you will never be sorry when you look in the mirror or lay your head down at night. Become the man God destined you to become and you will live a life worthwhile.

I believe in you.

Ode To My Sons