What shall I leave you as you journey here on earth?
What jewel could I give you to reveal the depths of my heart?
What piece of furniture, pot or painting could sum up my days?

Legacy doesn’t begin when you end.
Legacy is now, not then.
Legacy isn’t a one hit wonder rather a song that never ends.

Shall I leave you my anger or pass on to you peace?
Shall I bequeath you my sorrow and sadness or share with you joy that never depletes?
Shall I will you my bitterness, guilt and shame or teach you your destiny to live brave and

Legacy isn’t caught up with the scoreboard of life.
Legacy values, affirms and esteems.
Legacy never gives up.

Will I inspire your footsteps to take the road less traveled?
Will I challenge you to fight for the one who cannot walk, has no voice or place to lay their
Will I model for you the truth that failure is impossible when you honor your fellow man?

Legacy is love eternal; Heaven’s heart for mankind.
Legacy is God’s gift to us; risen and not dead.
Legacy is passing on this inheritance; for it matters most of all.

What you leave behind and what you don’t weigh the same.
Will I be remembered for my collections of things that will rot, decay and rust? Or will my
memory live on through the investment of others who learned how to be givers and not takers?

All men are like grass, here today and gone tomorrow.
Life is worth living because Love has not forgotten.
Legacy dares to conclude that if my living isn’t loving then my living is dead.
Now is the time to leave what you intend.