I am every nation

I am adopted. For real.

I am every nation

I am every tongue

I am every woman

I am everyone

My culture is unique

My heritage rich and secure

My people are purposed

My bloodline secure

You may know who you look like

You may know the meaning of your last name

You may know every branch on your family’s tree

You may know each route by which your family came

We think we understand who we are by dissecting our family’s crest

We believe our country is where we came from

We hold our flags high for the entire world to see


The truth of who I am is not determined by which geographical land mass I was born on.

The truth of who I am doesn’t depend on my knowing my cultural customs or the foods that I

should eat.

The truth of who I am cannot be summed up in 3 colors on a flag.

For who I am isn’t based on these things.

Who I am is based solely on whose I am.

I don’t belong to my parents.

I don’t belong to my husband

I don’t belong to my children

I don’t belong to my country

I don’t belong to my church

I don’t belong to my job

I belong to God.

God knit me together with all threads of humanity on this earth. I am every nation.
This world is not my home. I don’t belong here. I am appointed here. I am purposed here. I am
destined here, for just a little while. My true home is in heaven where every tear is wiped away.
My name is etched not on a shield or sword but carved oh so carefully on the Almighty’s hands.
Knowing who I am as God’s beloved daughter is where my identity comes from. I am defined by
God’s love for me. I am chosen and planned. I am a citizen of heaven. My country’s dance is one of freedom, joy and grace. My heritage lies in the God who created me in His image. My purpose is clear; to look like my God each and every day. This should be what the world sees when they look at me. And if I should be asked what nationality I am or where I come from, my prayer is that your love for me Lord Jesus is the answer that they seek.

I am every nation